Hosptality Automation

Wild Planet Resort


Wild Planet Resort


March 2020

Project Type:

Hospitality Automation


25 Lakhs

Detail Project:

In our collaboration with a distinguished 5-star hotel, we embarked on a journey to redefine luxury through a comprehensive automation approach. By seamlessly integrating mood lighting, a low-maintenance coaxial infrastructure, Optical Line Terminals (OLT) technology, and eliminating separate set-top boxes, we transformed the guest experience. Centralized control of mood lighting not only enriched ambiance but also personalized the stay. The adoption of a low-maintenance coaxial infrastructure significantly reduced operational costs, while OLT technology replaced traditional switches, ensuring high bandwidth and scalability. By eliminating separate set-top boxes, we streamlined in-room entertainment, enhancing guest convenience. These upgrades not only optimized current operations but also positioned the hotel for future technological advancements, reinforcing its commitment to providing a seamless and luxurious environment for guests. This comprehensive automation approach sets a new benchmark for excellence in the hospitality industry, showcasing innovation, efficiency, and a forward-looking approach at the heart of guest services.

Project Goal:


Implement automation system with backbone infrastructure aimed at future needs

Planing and Concept

Planning OLT. Detailed survey and material planning reducing project cost by 10 lakh rupees


Ambient mood lighting in the valley of Nilgiris made Wild planet the go to choice for honeymoon planning in south India


What Our Client Say

"Attention to detail is the distinguishing factor of PRago from other automation companies."
Owner , WIld Planet Resorts

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