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At Prago, we understand the intricate security needs of jewelry businesses. Our personalized approach and state-of-the-art security solutions are dedicated to providing you with peace of mind, knowing that your jewelry store is protected by the latest technology and expertly crafted security systems.

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For jewelry store owners in India, securing their precious collections and ensuring the safety of their staff is of paramount importance. We understand the unique challenges faced by jewelry businesses, often targeted by theft and vandalism due to the inherent value of their products. As your dedicated security partner, we’ve witnessed concerned jewelry store owners reaching out to us, seeking tailor-made solutions to safeguard their establishments, employees, and valuable assets. Our approach involves identifying risks and weaknesses specific to each jeweler’s operation and providing custom security solutions based on three core strategies crafted by our expert team.

Video Surveillance

Implementing advanced video surveillance is a cornerstone for securing jewelry stores.

Our commercial security solutions are designed to track and identify suspects effectively. These systems capture crucial characteristics such as height, body build, and skin color, aiding in the identification of potential thieves. Considering that many thefts occur during late hours, we recommend cameras with infrared technology or supplementary lighting for enhanced coverage.

Incident Alarms

While video surveillance records incidents, having a monitored business alarm takes security a step further

While video surveillance records incidents, having a monitored business alarm takes security a step further. This feature alerts authorities immediately in the event of a breach, preventing thieves from leaving with valuable stock undetected. For high-value stores, a monitored commercial alarm significantly increases the chances of on-site arrest and ensures the thief doesn’t dispose of stolen items elsewhere. Our customizable alarm systems incorporate door sensors, glass break sensors, and motion detection sensors, enhancing security through integration with CCTV for swift police response.

Well designed control centres are the corner stone for a good surveillance System

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