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Prago started Operations in 2014 as an automation company, later evolved as a technology architect. Prago has established offices in Edappal, Thrissur and Calicut with Calicut as its Head Quarters. Prago has built strategic partnerships with numerous OEMs to ensure they are always updated in the technological services they provide.

Prago has received numerous commendations for its implementation of surveillance network for Thrissur Pooram in a short span of time. Today, Prago is the chosen service provider for numerous festivals in and around Malabar. Prago is also involved in social activities through professional organisations like BNI. Prago imbibes BNI motto of givers gain and lifelong learning.


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Prago has worked in the most challenging of the projects in a very strict timeline. We have built standard operating procedures in our projects and have developed a team fully trained in modern technologies and our methods, so that you dont feel the pressure of implementation.

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Numerous accolades we have received over the years of operations have been constant motivation for us to deliver the best and a testament to our clients to the effort we invest on their behalf