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About Us

Prago Advanced Technologies is your personal techhnology architect one phone call away

We at Prago Advanced Technologies have made a reputation as reliable and efficient technology architects who integrate electrical and electronic technologies in renovation projects and in new constructions. The company is specialized in high-end projects that require a specific expertise in engineering, supervision and execution. Over the experience of decades, we have evolved our structure and methods to adapt as per the expectations of client and project manager’s requirements,  while keeping the same philosophy : offering advanced technologies, making them simple to use and totally integrated to the interior design.

Industries We Serve

Prago has long history of working with retail homes and large corporates with multiple projects at the same time maintaining the quality in delivery

Convention Centres

Creating the perfect environment for both vendors and attendees is paramount for a successful event. Convention centres equipped with advanced technologies enhance the overall experience.

Jewellery Showrooms

Jewellery showrooms, high-risk areas in terms of security, demand foolproof surveillance along with enhanced ambience through lighting.


In the healthcare sector, building automation focuses on creating a hygienic environment and improving patient outcomes.


Creating secure, comfortable and energy-efficient learning environments is essential for educational institutions.


Smart homes offer residents limitless possibilities for lighting, security, and overall comfort.


Maintaining security is paramount in banks, with advanced technologies ensuring the safety of assets and personnel.

Smart Office Spaces

Transforming office spaces into smart workplaces enhances employee productivity and creates a sustainable work culture.

Our Home Automation Solutions

Have Access to Safe, Smart and Secure life

Transform your home into a haven with our smart solutions. From lighting that suits your mood to security that understands your peace of mind – we bring your home to life, just the way you like it

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Event-Surveillance War Room
Temple Automation
Resort Automation
Office Automation

What Our Client Say

I am extremely satisfied with the kind of service that Prago advanced technologies offer. They have offered me cost effective solution in IP CCTV systems. They are ready for our service at one call itself
CEO, Damsure
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Is your current automation consultant not giving expected support? Don’t worry, our dedicated solution expert is just a call away.

es, compatibility is a priority. Prago designs solutions with a focus on seamless integration, ensuring our automation systems work harmoniously with your existing infrastructure and technologies.

Prago offers comprehensive maintenance and support services post-installation. Our team is readily available to address any issues, perform regular system check-ups, and ensure your automation systems continue to operate at their optimal level.

Yes, scalability is a key consideration in our solutions. Prago designs systems that can be easily expanded or adapted to accommodate the evolving needs and growth of your business.